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1st DATE

Short Film - Our Engagement

Feature - Comedy

Short Film - Action Drama

Short Film - Comedy

Starting from Scratch


Secret Mission

Chinese Hi-Five

Comedy - Mockumentary - USA  * WATCH IT NOW! *


Produced and Directed by James Huang & Elizabeth Sandy

A hopeless romantic and enthusiastic documentary filmmaker takes a shot at creating a truthful reality dating series. He is met with an onslaught of obstacles by the network producer and a slew of less than honest show contestants who are more interested in their fifteen minutes of fame rather than finding true love.


Starring Jeff Bowser, Elaine Kao, Judith Cubas Jones, Elizabeth Sandy, Lindsey Sporrer, James Huang, Catherine Kresge, Eddie Mui, Luke Edwards, Shannon Bobo, Dylan Mooney, James Jolly, Charles Kim, Lila Dupree, Kevin M. Brennan, Brit Lauren Manor, Shelly Bhalla, Feodor Chin, Nina Brissey, Laurel Vail, Billy Beck, Keith Roenke, Lauren Arps, Samantha Edwards.

Romantic Comedy - Feature Film - USA  - 90 mins. * WATCH IT NOW! *


Distributed by MouseTrap Films and Film Festival Flix www.FilmFestivalFlix.com

Playing select theaters and available on DVD and on-line

Written & Directed by James Huang. Cinematography by Chad Peter. Produced by Elizabeth Sandy & James Huang

Starring Elizabeth Sandy, James Huang, Charles Kim, Billy Beck, Maddy Curley, Sadie Alexandru, Nicole Ghastin, Shelly Bhalla, with Sara Mornell & Tom Wright.


Winner of 'Best Film' at the DisOrient Film Festival

Winner of 'Best Comedy' at the Asians on Film Festival

Winner of 'Best Editing' at he Independent Filmmakers Showcase LA

Winner of 'Best Cast' Vanguard Award at the IFS LA

Winner of 'Best Film' Honorable Mention at the New Jersey Film Festival

Action Drama - Short Film - USA - 8 mins. sequence

A visual pitch for a feature film treatment

A sexy 'Bourne Identity' meets 'The Godfather' film noir crime drama... with Asians.


Written & Directed by James Huang

Cinematography by Jason Cochard

Produced by Daniel Brothers, Katie Fellion, Sinan Girmirli, James Huang

Starring Elizabeth Sandy, Kelvin Han Yee, Catherine Kresge,

James Huang, Jerry Ying, Teddy Chen Culver


Official selection of the DisOrient Film Festival. Winner best short from the Urban Action Showcase. Winner Film Festival Flix Short Film Showcase.

Suspense/ Romance - Short Film - USA - 4 mins.


Featured on E! News - Awesome Proposals Segment

Written & Directed by James Huang

Cinematography by Chad Peter

Starring James Huang & Elizabeth Sandy and all their friends

Produced by James Huang, Tabitha Lentle, Elizabeth Sandy


A mysterious case holds a secret.

Comedy - Short Film - USA - 7 mins.

Viral video with millions of views and climbing!


Written & Directed by James Huang

Cinematography by Chad Peter

Produced by Elizabeth Sandy & James Huang

Starring Jae W. Suh, James Huang

Get You Back

Dark Comedy - Feature Film - USA  * WATCH IT NOW! *

film by James Huang, produced by Elizabeth Sandy & James Huang


Starring Francis Corby, Katie Wilbert, Maggie Mae Fish, Zach Dulin and Kimberley Crossman. With Elizabeth Sandy, Sadie Alexandru, Lauren Arps, Gara Clark, Cooper James, Ava Keiper, Abigail Keiper.

Feature - Comedy

Feature - Comedy